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  Latest News

  • 2006-november

Patent granted for Devrunner/Specrunner

  • 2006-june

Infolight is a new hardware product for clear visual status indications. Website is updated.

   Welcome To Factorycode

Ideon, Lund, Sweden.

Our mission is simply to create tools that support agile development on embedded systems.  

With the introduction of the unique DevRunner product, we make test-first and test-driven development a reality on embedded systems. 

DevRunner speeds up development and brings techniques like mock-objects/hardware simulation and quick dynamic linking during development to embedded developers using standard C.


  Our Technology

By combining our experience in embedded system design with insights into debuggers and compilers we offer:

  • SpecRunner - 100 bytes of RAM

The possibility of running unlimited number of tests on limited memory devices.

  • DevRunner - Fast embedded development

Your development can be done fast on real hardware, thus you can be sure it will work in real life.

  • Infolight - Informative feedback

Just as you enter the office, you can immediately tell if everything is OK.

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